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PC Support / Web Connectivity / Web Development / Speaking Engagements (Blogging and Social Media) / Web Tracking and Monitoring / Security / Content Maintenance / E-Commerce...

Well Heck: You Need It, I'll Do It.

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Web Application Projects

I develop zero-budget prototype web applications that may one day segway into larger commercial endeavors. Generally however I do them for fun and learning.

Name / Concept Description Status
Battle BlogPersonal scale blogging engine written in Classic ASPActive
Check That IDGraffiti style reporting system for anything. A blogging tool for stuffActive
Headline ProphetA website where you can discuss news events, of the future!Active
LinkHuggerAn intimate URL sharing tool for the webActive
SomeWebLinkA URL shortening toolActive
NYCPFNew York City People Fusion. A tag-driven matchmaking/networking site.Active
Project X and YUndisclosed projects and statusesNA
Publishing Projects

I publish or keep alive a number of web publishing projects in the form of blogs and other expression platforms. As author of my own custom blog solution Battle Blog most of these are run using it.

Openness.orgWebsite/blog devoted to issues of transparencyActive
NYC Press-FreeBlog effort to encourage and demonstrates grass roots media movement in NYCDormant
Tampa RailBlog focusing on urban rail evolution in Tampa, Florida.Active
Tech for the CityA blog tracking the exploratio and web-touring facets of new technology applied to city life and society.Launching


This website exists in part to exercise and illustrate the merits of independent web publishing. This, whereas most people today now rely on Facebook and similar proprietary web places in which to represent themselves online.

I believe that such exclusive reliance on the "proprietary-space-for-eyeballs" model is a mistake and one gradually and subtly promoted at that. I believe it moves people's online expressions into controlled and manageable populations at the expense of the truly free-wheeling spirit of the World Wide Web. Web pages managed by individuals who take the time to learn their composition are the true bastion of Internet freedom. In that vein this website shows off what can be done on the "raw" web far and removed from Facebook. If enough people take the example and return to building their own web pages, perhaps we can stave off the future where it is no longer cheap (or maybe even legal) to post one's own web pages. This website will, wherever possible, coach in great detail on this matter.

About Dave the Web Guy Himself

Dave the Web Guy is actually, I, David Pinero, a middle age web developer living and working in New York. Thoroughly engrossed in the political, social, and functional miracles of the internet, Dave the Web Guy is excited to conjure and implement a variety of online web projects, particularly those that reinforce or amplify his own viewpoints and objectives.

I am not that hard to know as I maintain a personal blog.

About Dave the Web Guy and DWG Projects

Dave the Web Guy is Dave's established branding identity maintained to produce and develop engaging online places and publications. Projects tend to fall into one of three categories: publications (blogging in particular), commerce, and social networking. These areas are of particular fascination to Dave the Web Guy and are thusly the most invested in terms of production time and concentration.

Doing Business with Dave the Web Guy

Projects and products developed under the auspice of DWG are generally non-profit dependent, but may yield profitable outcomes in the form of advertisement revenue or by sale of rights to others interested in further developing initial DWG concepts and prototypes.

  • Advertising

    Ad spots are available on certain DWG productions albeit on an extremely limited basis. One or two spots are generally available at a fixed monthly rate. Agents should understand that advertising rates for DWG are primarily about motivating DWG to reallocate production resources to sponsor incorporation, not common industry standards which focus more on click-through volume. DWG does not "sell" its ad space, so if you're interested, it's presumed you see value as-is.

    Contract periods are billed on a per-month basis and advertising content must be compatible with both the philosophical and presentational objectives of each DWG production. If you see value for your message on a DWG property, please contact Dave the Web Guy.

  • Fellow Producers

    DWG products are often produced and maintained under minimalist resource conditions. Some projects are operated quite specifically as prototypes. You may see greater potential in an existing DWG project and be interested in purchasing all content and code related to it in order to pursue more resourceful development. Agents interested in purchasing the rights and work done thus far on any DWG project should contact Dave the Web Guy.

A common misconception is that Dave the Web Guy is a web designer or programmer for hire. While all DWG productions inherently require a degree of such expertise, DWG does not in fact provide these services to the public. If you have such needs and would like a recommendation, please contact DWG and he will be able to recommend a service partner for you.