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What's it Take to Get Convicted of Murder In Florida? (3)

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What's it Take to Get Convicted of Murder In Florida? (546)
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Watching The Watcher
What's it Take to Get Convicted of Murder In Florida?
All Nice and Consolidated
The Rise of Interpersonal Media

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Dave the IT Guy


This is no longer my active blog. For the current blog please click here.

Sunday 2/16/14 (59 days ago)

Watching The Watcher

Posted by tdave365 under Photos at 2:22:17 AM
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Watching The Watcher

Two cameras, if you don't look at them too closely, appear to be watching each other. A timely if not random street commentary of the times. 

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Saturday 2/15/14 (60 days ago)

What's it Take to Get Convicted of Murder In Florida?

Posted by tdave365 under News and Issues at 8:03:09 PM
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What's it Take to Get Convicted of Murder In Florida?

Can someone explain to me what it takes to get convicted of murder in Florida?  

Because it sure isn't murder.

This guy, Michael Dunn, is packing heat while waiting for his just-married stepson to emerge from a convenience store.  While waiting, he became perturbed by an SUV, annoyingly most certainly, blasting away music from inside.  Reports say Dunn opened a verbal altercation with the SUV's occupants then whipped out a gun and began doing a bit of his own blasting, killing one of the kids just as the SUV sped off to flee the nut. 

Apparently finding none of this a big deal, Dunn proceeds back to his hotel room with his son where it is said he ordered pizza and kicked it up for the night before driving back to his home in Georgia the next day.  

Convicted of murder?  Hardly.


Curtis Reeves - Shot to death fellow movie-goer over overt texting. Appears on track to use "stand your ground" defense, because no-one should be allowed to hurl popcorn at another, and live to tell about it.


Michael Dunn - Shot to death teenager over loud music from SUV.  Used verbiage of "stand your ground" in apparent defense strategy to align his actions with the principle.

George Zimmerman

George Zimmerman - Used "stand your ground" defense when "stay put and wait for cops" defense wasn't good enough.

The trial news is breaking right now that a mistrial has been declared over the first degree murder charge, one of five lodged against him.  He was convicted of the other four lesser charges, and make no mistake, his life is over and he will spend the rest of his life in Florida prison.  But between the Zimmerman case and this, I am really starting to wonder what "murder" means in Florida these days.

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Tuesday 2/11/14 (64 days ago)

All Nice and Consolidated

Posted by tdave365 under DWG Projects at 3:33:34 PM
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All Nice and Consolidated

After 2 or so years of running DWG websites and blogs on shared hosting platforms I’ve consolidated most of them to my own VPS.  My sites tend to be low-traffic so I’m hoping the cost of yearly spending on many individual FTP accounts for each project will be greatly reduced, to no ill effect.  It took re-honing my IIS administration skills, and, learning to integrate and execute PHP from a Windows server (all shockingly easy) to dually host my PHP projects in addition to my classic ASP ones, but I did it.  The migration project completed last night with the move of LinkHugger (and associated SomeWebLink link URL shortening service).  It was fun, I love this stuff!

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Saturday 2/8/14 (67 days ago)

The Rise of Interpersonal Media

Posted by tdave365 under Social Media Contemplation at 1:34:10 PM
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The Rise of Interpersonal Media


I have a suspicion that people are going to move away from social media as we know it and toward a sort of “interpersonal” media where speed and reach remain, but, at extremely curated levels between families, tight groups, couples and other high-trust bonds.  


In such a world today's Facebook doesn’t make sense because it encourages “peripherals”, people you don’t actually know all too well, or, don’t wish to, to make a connection.  Facebook and social networks like it have become too wide a doorway to things people traditionally expect others to have to research and learn about them in person and with some degree of justification, concepts we didn't really think about until until something that capitalized on leap-frogging over them came to be.  


For awhile it was fun but people are beginning to lose a sense of control over their personhood and that free-wheeling willingness to “know” someone else simply because it’s easy to is becoming more a disturbing burden to more people who find themselves gradually tending to taxing "filter and check rituals".

Nobody wants to disengage from the Internet or the web entirely because, for the connections that do matter, the interweb is too powerful a facilitator.  People will never return to the minimalist “e-mail and a personal home page” model that I still fantasize is ideal, but, services like Between or even my own LinkHugger will begin to appear at a faster rate, dislodging a social-media-by-default look and feel when people sign up.


If this is all true, fear not for social media.  It is a solid institution in the online universe that will simply continue on doing what it does best to pass information between people and populations tuned into it.  Facebook will not disappear either although I do believe it will re-engineer itself to assume a higher barrier for external connections beyond your family and designated closest friends.  It will only crumble if in fact its own business model cannot adjust quickly enough to live off tempered social fission rather than one that comes off as more rabid.


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