Dormant Project

The project title or other link you clicked on has led you to a personal confession that said project is currently dormant.

Please leave a message explaining what you were looking for.

Take the minute. I base which projects to restore or reach out to contact you based on this feedback.

Be sure to mention your e-mail address if you want outreach.

Note that on comment submission you will be redirected to my general contact page. Be sure to read the information below before clicking SUBMIT if you're interested in hearing about any of it.

Deeper Explanation

See, I have great ideas but very little budget and increasingly less time. Chances are I started something and it worked great but I was unable to keep it fresh with new content or to resolve a myriad of bugs or other issues. Rather than leave a dead reminant behind, I've declared the project dormant and routed traffic to this page instead. Dormant is a better word because whatever I was doing was probably pretty cool and I'll be seeking to re-ignite it if circumstances and budget change. Without their funded day in court, I never walk away from an idea. In fact I most certainly still have the original code and domain rights to whatever project we're talking about, so it's just a matter of typing the right commands to bring it back to life.

When that actually happens, however, is anyone's guess.

To be fair to me and you, there could be other reasons a project is not live:

  • I'm in some sort of back-end move between websites or hosting accounts and haven't restored it yet
  • The project was a one-time execution, or, was seasonal
  • The project was actually a success but for legal reasons has been taken offline temporarily to work out a bonafide re-launch

To keep up to date you're best off keeping tabs on my blog. I post the demise of projects as well as the birth of new ones, or, as might be the case for whatever you were trying to see, re-births.

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