David Earl Pinero

AKA 'Dave the Web Guy'

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I am David Pinero currently of Buffalo New York. I have lived and worked previously in New York City, Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania, and Tampa Florida.The icons above link to my respective profiles at each. You can learn a lot about me through my regular online activity through them.

Beware of Copycats

I have been the victim of persistent identity theft, so please be sure you do not confuse me with others of my name or outright imposters. Read this for more information.

My Online Projects

Since about 1998 I have developed a number of dot com and digital products. These exist (or existed in some cases) as online web services, blogs, Windows programs, or digital campaigns operating under the Dave the Web Guy auspice.

Some of these are still online in retched nostalgic form, others as more as personal tools to myself and close friends. Others are offline permanently or maybe just temporarily while a port of hosting providers completes.

  • 11th (Online)
  • A Guy at His Computer
  • A Place to Paste (Online)
  • Battle Blog
  • Buffalo Scan
  • Buffcam
  • Check that ID (Online)
  • Crimefootage Index (Online)
  • Headline Prophet (Online)
  • LinkHugger (Online)
  • Mumblecore HTML Campaign
  • Openness Campaign
  • New York City People Fusion
  • Perp Turkey
  • Squeaky Portal (Online)
  • Stepping Stone Internet Explorer Utility
  • Tampa Media Bypass
  • Tampa Rail
  • Tech for the City
  • Turkeys Gone Wrong
  • Wilkes-Barre Rail (Online)
  • Yard Bark

Once a Blogger

In October 2018 I conceded to 'blog' my personal opinions and life matters on Facebook. This was not an easy decision because, after all, I am an otherwise highly vocal evangelist for the 'independent web'. But so long as the digital populace continues to favor the ease of social media, social media is the only practical way to connect.

I now adhere to the philosopy that only higher barrier and focused original content is the meriting basis for WWW accessibility, while lower barrier common 'noise', if you will, is best kept to the social media realm where, stars within all that noise, can still be born.

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